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History may not be course offered at Jai Bharat, but its story itself is history. In 1947/1948, Sindhi Hindus, who were forced, leave their mother land on account of partition, as Sind became part of Pakistan. Central government rehabilitated these migrants in Military barracks located at out skirt of Mulund. With advent of time these barracks were converted in cluster of houses and it came to be known as “Mulund Colony”. Sindhi community, known for their entrepreneurship and business acumen ship, gave top priority to education needs of their wards. Residents, at that time formed trust under name of “Education Board Mulund Colony” with an aims and objects to provide education facilities to all, irrespective of their caste, creed or community. Trust initially started secondary school in the name of Jai Bharat High School in year 1950, with Sindhi as medium of instruction in taking into accounts needs of residents at that time. With advent of time, it has expanded in providing educational facilities right from pre-primary to graduation level. In 1987 Shri Inder Bhatia, on taking over chairmanship, made Jai Bharat in group of institutions, adding junior college in commerce and science streams, Degree College in commerce stream, and made Jai Bharat as accredited center for secondary, higher secondary education under National Institute of Opening schooling New Delhi and authorized center for “Yashwantrao Chawan Distance Education University Nasik” for those who cannot carry out their studies through formal way of education system. Degree College running under name “Jai Bharat College of commerce (Night)” is affiliated with Mumbai University.
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