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Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM.)


Duration of course: spread over 3 years. The Course shall consist of 20 Units. The Subjects for B.Com are as under:

F.Y B.COM (7 Units) S.Y.B.COM (6 Units) T.Y.B.COM (7 Units)
Foundation course – I
Business Economics -I
Environmental Studies
Commerce Paper - I
Accountancy & Finance
Business Communication
Mathematical & Statistical Techniques
Foundation Course - II
Business Economics - II
Business Law
Commerce Paper - II
Accountancy & Finance
Applied Component Advertising
Financial Auditing & Accounting
(3 papers)
Business Economics-III
Commerce –III (M.P.P.)
Applied Component **
Applied Component **

Applied components **
Student can choose any of two following options at college.

*Computer System & Applications
*Direct &Indirect Taxes
*Export Marketing


Fees as prescribed by university of Mumbai from time to time. Details of which are available in office



The word credit is used in higher education to summarize and describe amount of learning by students. Its purpose is to measure student’s workload in terms of required time learning and completion of the course.


Program: A program me is a set of course/subjects that are linked/studied together in an academically meaningful way, ethic is conducted with the award of Certificates e.g. Diploma Degree in BCOM/MCOM etc.
Course: A course is a constituent of a programmed, comprising of several learning topics from a domain of knowledge at a certain level. A course, in simple terms corresponds to the word ‘subject’.
Module or Unit: A ‘module’ or a Unit is a part of course, which may be studied in conjunction with other learning modules or independently.
Credit Points: Credit Points are index of learning hours deemed for a certain segment of learning. The course may be assigned anywhere between 04 to 08 Credit points wherein one (01) Credit is equal to thirty (30) hours of learning.
Credit Completion or Credit Acquisition: Credit Acquisition/Completion take place after the students has successfully cleared all the evaluation criteria with respect to a single course/subject
Credit transfer: Credit earned by a students at one Institution for one or more Courses under a given Program are acceptable under another program either by the same Institution or another Institution meaning hereby that the credit Points earned can be transferred.
Course Exemption: A student who has already completed one of these academic programs is allowed to skip these equivalent courses when registering for new program. He is then exempted from re-learning the common or equivalent content area and for reappearing for the concerned examinations.



There are four different types of courses in the entire program conducted at the University of Mumbai. These are as follows:
1. Compulsory subjects = Four (04) credits per course
2. Core/Special courses = Three (03) credits per course
3. Applied components = Three (03) credits per course
4. Foundation course = Two (02) credits per course
5. Skill courses = Two (02) credits per course


The total credit value/point shall be 120 credits for B.Com







70 & above



60 to 69.99



55 to 59.99



55 to 59.99



45 to 46.99



40 to 44.99


F (Fail)

39.99 & below




The candidate to pass a subject/paper shall have to obtain a minimum of 35% marks in aggregate for each subject/paper where the subject/paper consists of Internal Assessment & Annual Theory Examination. The candidate shall obtain minimum of 35% marks  in the Internal Assessment which will  be 25  marks and 35% marks in Annual Theory Examination (i.e. 25 Out of 75) separately, to pass the subject/paper. A candidate will be said to have passed the subject/paper if the candidate passes the Internal Assessment & Annual Theory Examination together.


A.T.K.T. (Allowed To Keep Terms)

 100% promotion from ODD to EVEN semester i.e. I to II, III to IV and V to VI
II and III : Should not have failed in more than 2 courses at
Sem. I and Sem. II would be taken together.  For IV and V: Should have passed Sem. I and Sem. II and should not have failed in more than 2 courses at Sem. III and IV taken together. Can appear for Sem. IV: to pass in Sem. I and Sem. II Result of Sem. VI will be declared: passes each of I, II, III, IV & V.


1. Internal Assessment
a)  A learners who has remained absent for the two class tests and has appeared for the assignment will be allowed to appear for the additional class test of 10 marks. However, his marks for the class test will be taken as out of 20 and internal assessment will be calculated as out of 40 marks and not out of 30 marks. A learner who has appeared for both the class test but remains absent for the assignment will be allowed to appear for the additional assignment and the internal assessment will be calculated as out of 40 marks. A learners who is absent for one of the 2 class test or assignment, as the case may be, will be allowed to appear for the additional class test / assignment as the case may be, and the internal assessment will be calculated as out of 40 marks.


There will be one additional examination Semester I, II, III and IV for those who failed or remained absent. The absentee student will be allowed by the head of the institution after complying with the necessary formalities as per regulation. This examination will be held 20 days after the declaration of results but not later than 40 days



A student who PASSES IN ALL THE COURSES BUT DOES NOT secures minimum grade of    in project as applicable has to resubmit a fresh project till he/she secures a minimum of grade The credits and grade points secured by him/her in the other courses will be carried forward and he/she shall be entitled for grade obtained by them on passing of the all courses. The evaluation of project and viva-voce examination shall be done by marks only and then it will be converted into grade in the seven point scale and award the same to the learner .A learners shall have to obtain minimum of grade E (or its equivalent marks) in project evaluation and viva/voce taken together to obtain 40% marks in project work.



The academic year is divided into two terms @ First term from June to October 2013 and second  term from November to  April There will be a break for winter vacation from 26th December to 1st January 204 (both days inclusive)  This is subject to changes as per directives of university/Government


The quantum of refund for cancellation admission at Degree College will be governed by rules of the University of Mumbai and for junior college it will be governed by rules as prescribed   by Maharashtra state Board for secondary & Higher Secondary Education. For professional courses appropriate administrative charges will be deducted on due date of  withdrawal.


  • Amount of caution money, library deposit, if any will be refunded when student leaves college or cancels the admission. Deposits not claimed within one year of laving the college or cancellation of admission will be forfeited.
  • The amount of Deposits will be refunded to students after 15 days from the date of Receipt of their application duly signed by student and guardian.
  • Original Deposit Receipt must be surrendered at the time of refund of deposits otherwise he/she stands to forfeit the deposit.


    1. 1) Self-discipline is the best discipline. All students must observe rules and regulations in force at present or that may hereafter be made for the smooth working of the College Students shall not do anything inside or outside the college that will interfere with its orderly administration or affect its public image. No outside influence, political or any other should be brought to the college directly or indirectly. Students resorting to unfair means will be dealt with in accordance with the provision of the Government of Maharashtra Act No. XXXI of 1982 and Maharashtra University Act 1994.
    2. 2) Every student must always be simply and neatly dressed.
    3. 3) Students must maintain strict silence in the class room, library, reading room and corridors of college.
    4. 4) Students must take care of college property, and help in keeping premises neat and clean. Students must not write on blackboard, nor disfigure walls, tables or benches. Any willful damage to the property of college will be dealt with as a breach of discipline.
    5. 5) No student should, without permission of principal, write to any media or communicate any information to it about matters relating to college admissions.
    6. 6) Student who remains absent without leave for length of time, his/her name will be removed from college rolls.
    7. 7) In order to avoid causing disturbance to others, Students are requested to use their mobile phones in a disciplined manner. Mobile phones will have to be switched off within the college premises. If any student was found using mobile phone within college premises, same will be confiscated and released on payment of penalty of Rs.100/- as fine.
    8. 8) Failure to observe any of the above rules will call for disciplinary action against the students.

Punctuality and regularity of attendance will be governed by ordinance of university of Mumbai O. 125.


After admission, each student will be given Identity Card, which the student must fill up, sign and fix his/her stamp size photograph & then obtain the college stamp & signature of Principal


Students are required to carry college identity card on their person without fail as they required to present this card for inspection at time of entry to the college No student will be allowed to enter the college premise without the identity card They are further required to present identity card as and when required by any college official Students are advised to ensure the safe-keeping of their identity card, as heavy penalty is charged for issuance of duplicate identity card.




College has an updated library with 2500 books on academic subjects and of general interest. Journals, periodicals on various subjects are subscribed. Students are to observe following regulations while using the library:-
1. Every student entering the library premises should have a valid College Identity Card, and should be produced as and when demanded by the Library Staff.
2. Identity Card & Reader’s Ticket are non-transferable.
3. Students must handle books or periodicals etc. with great care. Any attempt to damage books or periodicals by defacing or tearing the pages will be strictly dealt with.
4. f the original Identity Card or Reader’s Ticket is lost, a duplicate will be issued on payment of Rs.25/- each.


Library offers book bank facilities for deserving students. Every student can take advantage of library as well as reading room.


The college has a computer lab with 40 computers including server connected with broad Band internet connection.  All computers are linked through LAN connection.


The college has playground admeasuring 1500 sq. meters.  Located near the college.  Students interested in outdoor sports are provided the facility to utilize the same.  The ground is also used for cultural program of the college.


The college has state of art auditorium with all modern facilities available.


Those who are desirous of enjoying leave concession i.e. Long Journey Railway Concession should write their Home Town address in the admission form at the time of admission, failing which no application for long Journey Railway Concession be entertained.


Mobile phones are prohibited within the college premises.. Students who are found contravening the above direction, their mobiles will be confiscated and only will be returned on payment of a fine of Rs.100/-.


College has the following infra-structure facilities for students. 1. Reading room 2. Social & dramatic club

College expects every student to abide by the following code of conduct.
(a)  Student must carry on their identity card duly filled in and signed. They must affix   photograph which should bear the college stamp and principal’s signature.
(b) Transfer of I.D. cards is criminal offence. The student will be liable to expulsion from college.
2. Littering in the class rooms, corridor & campus is prohibited. Please use the dustbins provided. Offenders will be penalized.
3. Sitting on vehicles in college compound or on road outside the college is prohibited.
4. Littering or crowding outside the college is also prohibited .Students are requested to remain within college premises.
5. Mobile Phones if carried by the students should be switched off while in college premises.    
Contravention of these instructions will liable to confiscate the instrument.
6. Ragging is banned in this institution. A student involved in any such act will be expelled from college and in addition may under go imprisonment and fine.
7. No society or association shall be formed with college and no outsider is to be invited to address a meeting without Principal’s permission.
8. If a student is found using unfair means in the examinations, his/her performance at the concerned examination will be considered null and void.

      9.Students should not bring unauthorized person in the college premises.
      10. Matters not covered above are at the absolute discretion of the principal. 

1.Students who rank First and Second  in  First year, Second year and Third year B.Com are rewarded  prize of Rs. 2000/-  and Rs. 500/- respectively.

Requirements at the time of Admission for Degree College:



  1. Original Mark Certificate along with 2 attested xerox copies.
  2. Original School Leaving Certificate with attested xerox copy.
  3. Three copies of recent stamp size photographs.
  4. NOC from previous college duly affiliated to University of Mumbai, if student seeking admission in F.Y. B.Com., S.Y. B.Com./T.Y.B. Com confirming the enrollment PRN number
  5. Provisional Migration certificate issued by university of Mumbai, if student is outside the jurisdiction of University of Mumbai and outside Maharashtra.
  6. Other requirements as notified on notice board
For students other than Maharashtra State Board:
  1. Eligibility Form to be issued by the college.
  2. Fee as prescribed by Mumbai University
  3. Migration certificate
  4. Three Passport size photographs
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